"How'd they make that?"

As a kid, I constantly asked this question in regards to anything that caught my interest. For the most part, my question was answered with a simple 'explain-to-me-like-I'm-five' explanation. That is until I asked about animation.

"Mom, how'd they make that? It moves."

"What, the cartoon? I'm not exactly sure. Go ask your father."

"Dad, how'd they make that cartoon?"

"I don't know but your mother might."

And with that, I hunted for the answers myself. I started by scrubbing through my favorite animated VHS tapes and translated what I saw on screen to paper. As I got older, I learned about schools that actually teach one how to hone this craft. My high school art teacher showed me the school catalog for the Savannah College of Art and Design, which led me to stuff the family van and off to college I went.

Despite college providing extensive knowledge in animation, my "how'd they make that" question still echos in my mind. Why? Because I still want to know more about the things that spark my curiosity. Occasionally I'll stare at the seams of my clothing and think about how it was put together or about how the inner mechanics of an engine work. Although some things are "rocket science," I still love looking for answers in whichever way seems fitting- searching the internet, figuring things out for myself, or learning through the guidance of others.

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