Monday, December 8, 2014

Mystery Skulls Animated "Ghost"- Thank You

Gonna try not to sound sappy and fail miserably. Oh well.

Slowly but surely, after graduating college, I lost my drive for art. I've made many forced attempts to rekindle my passion but nothing worked. The immense amount of guilt and pressure that grew everyday eventually got the best of me. Frequent panic attacks were the norm and it was very rare that I felt genuinely happy about anything. Until I came across this- Mystery Skulls Animated "Ghost" Video.

Everything in this 4 minute video- the character appeal, colors, environment, story, theme, and of course the amazing song- was exactly what I needed to remember why I fell in love with art/animation. I found what I thought I lost for good- the desire to improve. Yeah, sappy as f**k.

In all seriousness thank you to every single soul that contributed to the making of this video and the ever-growing fan base. Its incredible to see how much heart came out from just a 4 minute animation.
So here's my favorite characters as contribution. Obviously I don't own these guys.